Surprise friends around town.

Leave a Surpriise at any merchant location in the world. Shh! Your Surpriise is a secret until your friend goes to the location and unlocks it.

Give a Surpriise

No limits! Surprise your friends with anything you can think of at any merchant location in the world. Only pay when they go there and unlock it.

Get a Surpriise

Head to the merchant location and unlock it! Once you get there, don't show the merchant anything. All you need is the app!

Send the perfect gift!

We recommend the hottest, trending places.

Gift specific dishes from their menu!

Why they'll love you!

Surprise her in real-time and give her dessert while she's at the restaurant!

Make it a game! Give a beer to 5 friends and see who gets there first!

Download Surpriise Now!

Surprising your friends around town is just a tap away.
It's free and it's fun.