Transforming the Payment Experience

Our Platform

Vouchr drives transactions and adoption of payment systems with our unique engagement solution.

  • Digital Gift Cards

  • Digital Prepaid Cards

  • Money Transfers

  • International Remittance

Our Advantage is User Engagement

Vouchr transforms payments into a social experience that millennials will love.

  • Action Shot

    Take a picture to unlock your payment!

  • More Occasions

    Connect to calendars and social networks to surface reasons to send a payment.

  • Gift Types

    Send 200+ gift cards, or money transfers internationally.

  • Challenges

    Play a fun game to unwrap your payment.

  • Surprise Mode

    Make it a race! Send a payment to a group of friends, only one person can win!

  • Invite Friends

    Build a social group around the gifting experience and invite friends to join the party!

  • Personalization

    Add a custom photo, title, open date and more!

  • Social

    Check the feed to see what your friends are getting, and which parties they're attending!

  • Wrapping

    Fun wrapping papers for different occasions.

  • Use Messengers

    Deliver in real-time via popular chat apps.

Whitelabel SDK

An SDK that plugs into any app that offers payments and transforms the user experience.

Highlights include:

  • Choose from our current inventory of payment systems for an out-of-the box solution.

  • Integrate your own payment system and let our SDK power the experience.

  • Our SDK can work inside your mobile banking wallet, standalone payment apps, or messengers and bots.

View the SDK in Action

Tools to Drive User Engagement

A new way for brands and payment companies to reward & engage their audience.

Choose from 4 personalized social marketing programs:

  • Randomized Amounts

    Increase the thrill and anticipation.

  • Friendly Competition

    Send a payment to a group of friends, only one can win!

  • Send a Payment for Free

    Go viral and turn your social media fans into brand ambassadors.

  • Give Rewards

    Delight individual fans or all your social media fans with a special surprise.

Consumer App

Surpriise is the first consumer app using our SDK to power a social, fun and engaging gift card and money transfer experience.

The best way to send gift cards and money transfers with a fun, personal twist! Even Ellen Loves Surpriise!

Ellen Loves Surpriise!

Watch the Clip Now!

The Team

We are a team of passionate engineers, designers and product folks who believe that the future of payments is engagement.

  • Rob

    CEO, Co-founder

    Rob is a serial entrepreneur and loves thinking of new ways that technology can impact our everyday lives. He is the founder of J2Play, which created the world's first mobile multi-player SDK, social games platform and distribution network. J2Play received the first Facebook Fund Grant, and was acquired by Electronic Arts in 2009. He is also an investor and advisor to many local startups and a co-founder of Motek Mobile, one of Waterloo's first dev shops.

  • Suresh

    COO, Co-founder

    Suresh is a former venture capitalist and an investor in both J2Play and Vouchr. He has been involved with a wide range of early stage startups such as Locationary (acquired by Apple), J2Play (acquired by Electronic Arts), Bumptop (acquired by Google) and many more. He is also one of the founders of Extreme Startups, Canada's top startup accelerator program. He is a former game developer at Ubisoft, a Comp Sci and Math grad, and also holds an MBA from McGill University.

  • Michael

    Lead UI/UX, Co-founder

    Michael is an award winning designer with over 15 years of experience in photography, graphic and interaction design. Most recently he was a user experience designer at Electronic Arts where he was focused on mobile products. Previously he co-founded and was the Design Director of Trapeze Media, one of Toronto's top web design studios.

  • Bryan

    Team Lead

    Bryan is a former BlackBerry software engineer, and was part of the BBM client team, obsessing over ways to make the app faster and more responsive. He graduated from engineering from the University of Guelph's Systems Engineering program with a specialty in drinking black coffee and 'Git-ing' things done. Bryan is a full stack engineer who loves developing on all platforms, and creating new payment technologies.

  • Josh

    iOS Developer

    Josh is an iOS developer from the University of Waterloo. He has gained experience consulting on iOS apps for Ford, Joe Fresh, Survey Monkey, and others while working out of Toronto, San Francisco, and Seattle. His time in the tech industry has allowed him to hone additional skills such as ping pong and eating free food. In addition to tech, he enjoys playing, watching, and studying various sports.

  • Haena

    Graphic Artist

    Haena is an animator / designer / and illustrator who loves interactive design. She holds a bachelor of Design in Illustration from OCAD University.

  • Matt

    Web/Mobile Developer

    Matt is a professional wearer of many hats, who has done everything from serious iPhone development to architecture and operational responsibility of mid-size e-commerce sites, and many things in between. He is a former senior developer at J2play, and University of Waterloo engineering grad, and holds a masters degree as well.

  • Jeff

    Senior iOS Developer

    Jeff is a software engineer from the University of Waterloo. His previous experience was at Rebellion Media, where he developed mobile apps on both iOS and Android. Jeff loves to play golf and squash, and has been programming since he was a baby.

  • Aaron


    Aaron has been working in technology since he got involved with his hometown ISP at the age of 16. Aaron has been working with mobile technologies since 1999. He joined Motek mobile, one of Waterloo's first dev shop, in 2005 as CTO and led the technical team for over 5 years. He has architected, developed and scaled server technology for mobile products that have had hundreds of millions of installs and millions of daily active users. Aaron loves technology, and has presented at technology conferences on HTML5 and PhoneGap app development. He is a Computer Science graduate from the University of Guelph.

  • Adam

    Senior Server Engineer

    Adam is a engineering grad from the University of Guelph who loves solving complex problems. He is a Java wiz who loves building software that merges web and mobile technology. In his previous career he developing new hydraulic and water treatment modelling software that used real world data to develop and calibrate complex models for existing waste water treatment plants. Adam also did graduate studies in robot architecture design and operating systems for robotics.

  • Jon

    iOS Developer

    Jonathan "Jon Fresh" Yeung is okay at coding, okay at software architecture, but great at being a friend. He comes from the University of Waterloo, where he specialized in the science of the computer. He loves iOS development and ping pong. He has worked on high profile apps such as Joe Fresh, PC Plus, Nordstrom, Aeroplan, Ford and more.

  • Ritchie

    iOS Lead

    Ritchie is a computer science graduate from the University of Waterloo that is obsessed with code quality. He has been involved in mobile technology for most of his career and has several high profile apps under his belt; including an app that has been featured at an Apple presentation and one that peaked top 10 on the App Store.
    In addition to mobile development, Ritchie also has experience in backend as well as design. He is responsible for developing a push notification backend service for the largest taxicab company in Toronto as well as designing some of the key interactions and animations of major apps.

  • Steve

    Lead Q/A

    Steve sprouted in the Eastern Townships near Montreal. He broke into the gaming industry as part of Quality Assurance team for Scrabble at EA Montreal. Working with the development team on the Hasbro and Mattel Mobile version and even got to work on the Facebook versions too! When the project was being whisked to EA Kitchener, he took that opportunity and moved along with the project to bring along his product knowledge and high standard in quality. He has a passion for gaming and really likes pieā€¦..especially lemon meringue!!

  • Gannon

    Android Developer

    Gannon is a Computer Science graduate from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador. He is from Labrador not Newfoundland. Since arriving in Toronto 2 years ago, he has had multiple mobile developer positions in the Toronto startup scene. Gannon has a dog named Watson that controls his life.

  • Mark

    Android Lead

    Mark is a slightly above average Android developer, but is a world class carpenter. He studied at the University of Waterloo, is a former googler, but his true passion originated from the halls of his local Home Depot. He's worked on cool apps such as Beatport, Ford and many more.

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